Speaker Series & Events

The World War One Diary and Art of Doughboy Cpl. Harold W Pierce:

Duty, Terror and Survival

July 22, 2024 William Welch


Explained significance of sources during the Revolutionary War

Understand methodologies utilized: The Culper Spy Ring

Discussed dynamics and impact of espionage as practiced during the Revolutionary War

Case study of Benedict Arnold          June 24, 2024

Michael A. Ganske    Silver Eagle Consulting LLC

Guests made tinctures with fresh and dried medicinal plants. They tasted and discussed why we tincture some herbs (not others), the ins & outs of how to make a tincture, from start to finish and how to store and work with these preparations to support wellness. Everyone left with their own tinctures, infused with their own energies and a multitude of healing properties, as well as handouts so that they can continue to stock their home medicine cabinets. This workshop was best suited for those new to making tincture, those with little experience, and those with questions and uncertainties and want to expand their confidence, even practice in-person.  Leslie Alexander        June 3, 2024

Herbal Walkabout with Leslie Alexander on Thursday May 9th from 6pm to 7pm.

There are many medicinal herbs that grow in northwestern Pennsylvania. Dozens are available to support health and wellness, and early May is a fine time to begin to explore what is thriving. This plant walk will include a short stroll around the museum grounds as we identify local herbal allies, taste them, and discuss some of the ways that we can work with these herbs in our homes.  Leslie Alexander         May 9, 2024

The Town's Attic: The Importance of Our Small Town Historical Museums and Societies

Why the little things of our past can resonate so largely

 https://www.eriereader.com/article/the-towns-attic-the-importance-of-our-small-town-historical-museums-and-societies  https://www.eriereader.com/   https://www.facebook.com/rustanddirt 

Corry Area Museum Tournament Bracket 2024 Winner! 

Climax Locomotive#1681 Class B -1912

Climax Manufacturing Company began building geared locomotives back in the 1880s; the first one on record was shipped from the plant in 1888.  The last one was shipped out of the plant in 1930.  Adapted from an article written by Walter Casler.

Genealogical Meet & Greet, held in March 2024, was an opportunity to share insights, discoveries, tips, and stories. Topics included your 'brick walls", including DNA and how to break through. Attendees had a chance to research local archive material.  Guests brought questions, genealogy data, notebook, and a list of research topics.

Leon Sam Briggs of the Tonawanda Seneca of the Hawk Clan, discussed the local history of the Haudenosaunee (Seneca, Mohawk, Oneidas, Cayuga's, and Onondagas) in the territories and their way of life and where we are today. History, culture, economics, a traditional way of life, and my cultural teaching from the United States and how that effects everyone today was discussed in 2023. 



Alan & Alyssa Royek and family have worked professionally, diligently, and passionately to ensure that the Royek Farm and Till Top Creamery remain active and profitable. The Royek farm has been designated as a Century Farm and has also been classified as a Dairy of Distinction. Their presentation in 2023 was quite the success.



John Wood hosted a Q & A session on the Clough Farm (Spring Valley Farms) in Spring Creek, PA in 2023. The event was well attended and very informative!




Answering The Call--Erie County in World War One - 2023

Mary Jane Phillips Keonig and Ann Silverthorn presented about Corry and Erie County in World War One and the 27 Corry area men who made the ultimate sacrifice. We learned about Erie County and its industry, Homefront, women's efforts and support, and more. Lest we forget...


There was a informative and successful Veil Hospital descendent reunion in 2022 at the Corry Area Historical Museum.  Karen Amos presented a history of the Veil Hospital and a dedication of a monument at the cemetery. It has been 101 years since the Veil Hospital came to Corry in the building on the corner of East Main Street and William St. 

Image: https://www.facebook.com/Veil-Maternity-Hospital-Adoptees-Searching-2409976279227450/ 

Info: http://www.thecorryjournal.com/commentary/article_b8095b3e-35f3-11ed-a582-0f73bd09d9aa.html 

In 2022 there was a Speaker Series event on the history of the Corry Fire Department. Many came to learn more about our proud and courageous history from Fire Chief, Jerred Hodak.


https://www.facebook.com/pages/City-of-Corry-Fire-Department/12596447079162 - image


The Oregon Indian Medicine Company: Near the shores of Presque Isle Bay of Lake Erie, in the wee town of Corry, the Oregon Indian Medicine Company thrived. From pills and powders, elixirs and oils, these medicines brought about “miracles”. In this introductory discussion we discussed the history of the Company, gathered questions, shared information, explored therapeutic claims, and more. The presentation in 2022 by Leslie M. Alexander, PhD, RH (AHG) Clinical Herbalist & Educator and follow-up discussion was well received.

(Image: www.loc.gov/item/2020707862 )

Drake Well Museum curator, Susan J. Beates, "covered the early connections between the early oil industry and Corry that enabled Corry to become a city so rapidly (it took Erie over 50 years to become a city). The 2022 Speaker Series event discussed the oil industry, which began near Titusville, causing the creation of Oil City and Corry.  The talk shared some of the manuscripts and artifacts in the Drake Well Museum Collection which related to Corry and described some of the oilmen whose businesses helped Corry grow." We learned more about our early history and the importance of the oil industry in our region. Thank you, Susan, for a wonderful presentation and Q&A! Image: https://www.si.edu/object/4c-petroleum-industry-single:npm_1980.2493.5283