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Meet the Mighty Timber Trucker!

The train engine shown is called a Climax locomotive, and it's a real tough cookie! It was built in 1912 to haul HUGE trees, as big as 8 to 10 feet wide, from the forest to the sawmill. Imagine that!

These weren't just for hauling lumber, though. Mines, factories, sugar cane farms, and even construction companies used Climax locomotives for all sorts of jobs. Some short line railroads even used them to pull passenger trains on steep hills!

One group of people in Corry, Pennsylvania, loved Climax locomotives so much that they wanted to save one for everyone to see. They fixed up a retired Climax and put it on display in the Corry Area Historical Society's museum. Now, everyone can learn about these amazing timber truckers!

So, next time you see a train, remember the Climax locomotive – the mighty little engine that could conquer any track and haul the biggest trees!

Reading level and passage length altered using:        Original article by Walter Casler: